During the Dallas Meeting (14th International Conference on Cytochromes P450) it was recognized by participating European scientists that for the purpose to organize meetings focused to P450 research in Europe, a society similar to the Society for the Study of Cytochrome P450 founded by Bill Peterson, Ron Estabook and Sandy Graham should be founded also in Europe.

The idea was further discussed and the Asociation (EACR) was de facto founded at the European STEROLTALK meeting, September 1, 2005 by Rita Bernhardt, Urs Meyer, Jean-Marc Pascussi, Diana and Steve Kelly, Ingemar Bjorkhem, Denis Pompom, Damjana Rozman and Katalin Monostory.
One of the first conclusions was that the organiser of the last P450 meeting in Europe, in Prague (13th P450 Conference, 2003) should be the first President. Pavel Anzenbacher's team will end in 2007, when a new President will be appointed on the occassion of the 15th P450 Conference at Bled, Slovenia (17. 6. - 22. 6. 2007, www.albatros-bled.com/icc2007).

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